Otis Redding Will Save America
Before the Revolution
The Politics of Style

Rebel Jam
Michael Manley


What's new:
"If You" is set to appear on a new Mad Butcher comp Hate 88, also featuring The Redskins (!) and Dave Hillyard.
Otis Redding Will Save America
is available on CD in Europe on Grover Records.

Otis Redding Will Save America (Grover Records - GRO-CD 066)
Our third LP is a new direction for the Adjusters, and even more a mix of old and new. Old school ska, soul and reggae recorded at NYC's famed (old) Version City studio mixed with beats and eclectic samples. Again produced under the deft hand of Mr. Victor Rice, this time Rench joins him as co-producer adding a new dimension to the Adjusters sound. This is now finally out in Europe on Grover, and you can get it from them through their online store. Otis Redding
Reviews: Track listing:

Tastes Like Chicken
Triggerfish ( [german]
Bokson [french]
irie ites [german]
Discover [german]
Rude Pete
LAUT [german] [german]
Enough Fanzine

I think some of those german reviews may be bad. Though trusting babelfish is always a mistake.

1. WTF Ska
2. Gun
3. Can't See The Light
    (feat. Dr. Ring-Ding)
4. Master Blaster
5. If You
6. Mumia In Tibet
7. Monkey Hate Reggae
8. Supergoodlookin
9. The Fightback Pt. II
10. Boomstick
11. Loose Version
12. When Things Fall
13. It's Like That

Stormwarning (Grover Records - GRO-CD 058)
Stormwarning: an adjusters anthology 1996-2001 was released in 2002 on Grover Records (in Germany). It's a collection of our favorite songs from both the first two albums as well as our original 7", comps, and stuff that's just not anywhere else. Listen to our recorded history rising from Hyde Park basement ska band to NYC basement ska/soul/reggae/whatever band. You can get it from Grover in Europe or on import from Jump Up! here in the U.S. Storm Warning
Reviews: Track listing:

Discover [german]
Rootz [german]

1. Miniskirt Minnie
2. Can't Help But Feel
3. Our Town
4. Weatherman '97
5. Truth To Power
6. Burnt Cream
7. The Fightback Pt. I
8. Armstrong
9. People Make
10. Stormwarning
11. The Way You Move
12. None But Dub
13. Town Called Malice
14. The Fightback Pt. II
15. Wicked
16. Rebel Jam


Before the Revolution (MR133)
buy it!
The Adjusters' second LP was released in August 1998 on the now defunct Moon Ska Records. It has since received far-ranging critical acclaim. This record was produced by Victor Rice, and several tracks were mixed by John Langford of Mekons and Waco Brothers fame. It's available on Grover's Vinyl Only Records' (avaliable from Jump Up in the US) on vinyl. Now that Moon is out of business, it's technically out of print, but you can still order it online (usually used) from quite a few different places, like If you want it new, Jump Up has copies from Moon for $10 and you can pay through PayPal. Before The Revolution
Reviews: Track listing:

Before the Revolution was listed by the New City as one of the 8 best Chicago records of 1998!
Click here to see what Chicago's New City said.
Click here to see what Bob Timm at the says.
"This rules!" - King Django.
Chicago Punk/Ska e-zine.
Rootz (German).
Pop Matters

Easy Life
Ska Zine.

1. Special Prosecutor
2. Armstrong
3. Number Three
4. People Make
5. The Fightback Pt. I
6. Soldier Field
7. Loose Roots
8. Witness
9. Pressure 24
10. Supervixen
11. None But Heaven
12. Toehold
13. The Bad Man
14. Mood Red
15. Clare Short

The Politics of Style (JUMP014)
buy it!
The Adjusters' first LP was released May 1st 1997 on Jump Up! Records. This record was remastered in '99 and is now distributed by Victory Records, look for the Victory logo on the back to tell if it's the remastered version. Also, this record is available on vinyl from Vinyl Only Records (Grover), get it mail-order from Jump Up! in the U.S. Politics of Style
Reviews: Track listing:
Mixing a heavy dose of 60's soul with ska and a concentrated commitment to change not seen since that era, this Chicago 10-piece aligns themselves with causes from Modern Action, the Stop the Sweatshops Campaign and Democratic Socialists of America while playing a style of music that draws from the political end of reggae (Clancy Ecclec, Peter Tosh, Bob Marley and others), the instrumental groove of ska (the horn arrangements are as tight as they get) and the strident side of soul (Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, etc...)....besides ska they seem to have absorbed a healthy dose of Booker T and the MGs and Elvis Costello and developed a unique interaction between their horn section, female backup vocals and soul-sanctified leads on cuts like "Truth to Power." These are Mods who mean it: not for the weak at heart."
-- Chuck Foster, The Beat Magazine (reggae)
1. Theme From The Politics Of Style
2. Miniskirt Minnie
3. Our Town
4. Freedom
5. Tailor
6. Speed Queen
7. Truth To Power
8. Burnt Cream
9. Can't Help But Feel
10. Elegy
11. Weatherman '97
12. TSKF

Rebel Jam (BP 008)
Black Pearl Records (from Germany) has released a 7" including the tracks "Rebel Jam", and "The Way You Move" originally released on Jump Up!'s Ska American Style comp, as well as "Our Town". This is available mail-order from Jump Up! for $5.00 (and comes on really cool thick vinyl). And apologies to the Bunny Livingston for the credits mistake (Rebel Jam is by him, not us -- or Bob Marley for that matter). Rebel Jam
Reviews: Track listing:

A. Rebel Jam
B. Our Town,
    The Way You Move


Michael Manley (LUX-71)

Michael Manley, The debut release of the Adjusters on Rosa Luxemburg records from 1996, is no longer available as far as I know.

This 7" features Michael Manley, Storm Warning, and (You Need a) Weatherman.

Michael Manley
Reviews: Track listing:

Hand Carved
"Dope" - MC Adam Yauch.

A. Michael Manley
B. Storm Warning,
    (You Need A) Weatherman.



Name (click on link to get more info) Label Tracks
Hate 88   Mad Butcher If You
Up Your Ears vol. 3   Grover Records Armstrong
La Lotta Continua   Mad Butcher The Fightback Pt. II
Smash Your Radio buy it! Jump Up! Records Truth to Power, Freedom
Everything Off-Beat Vol 2. buy it! Jump Up! Records Our Town
Scoot! Magazine sampler Jump Up! and Victory Records Can't Help but Feel
Moonshot! buy it! Moon Records Armstrong
"Sun, Sea and Socialism" Mad Butcher Truth to Power, Our Town
When You're Young (Jam Tribute compilation) Youth Explosion! Records, Town Called Malice
The Right Side of the Tracks Afterburn Records Tailor
Ska American Style Jump Up! Records Rebel Jam, The Way You Move
American Skathic 4 Jump Up! Records Si Tu Luchas (our first recording ever)

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